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Digiseed is a boutique Australian digital technology agency specialising in helping small-to-medium businesses to showcase and grow their businesses using effective digital marketing, inbound marketing and social media strategies.


First impressions count. Our responsive designs look great on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers – and are the perfect way to showcase your business. Digiseed websites are personally tailored to meet your business’ goals.


Every year consumers and businesses are spending an increasing amount of time online. Digiseed will find you highly qualified leads through a variety of content marketing; digital advertising and social media campaigns.


Our existing customer base are some of our strongest advocates. Digiseed provides number of solutions that can help you ensure that you continue to offer ongoing value to your customers including CRM, e-mail newsletters and social media tooling.

We work closely with our clients to enrich their businesses via our unique blend of strategy, creativity, media and technology. Through our expert guidance and support we believe small businesses are able to compete in the ever changing digital world. Not every business can afford a full time in-house digital marketing expert. Hiring a Digiseed consultant will mean you can achieve the results of a large digital agency, at a fraction of the cost by only focusing on the aspects of a digital campaign you really need. They work with businesses to identify their unique challenges and goals to deliver the perfect solution. Our experiences over the past 20 years have spanned across many industries – including financial, utilities, medical, health, retail, consultancies and many more. We have seen how significantly technology and marketing has changed over time and know it has no chance of slowing down. It is important when implementing any digital strategy that you are on top of all latest tools and ideas in the industry. We are motivated and inspired by technology innovations and apply new ideas and concepts to all the work we do. What makes Digiseed special is our personal touch we give to every client. Whilst we have a vast range of experience and skill usually afforded to a large digital agency, we still feel that the personal touch is important in each project we undertake and thus we ensure each project has the involvement of the directors of the company.


Rebecca Wolman – Director of IT, Operations and Analytics

As director of IT, Operations and Analytics, Rebecca is at the forefront of IT innovation in the area of digital presence and social media communication.  She has a subspeciality interest in paid and organic SEO, social media campaign analytics, and healthcare app design. As an IT professional with a proven track record in software testing and analytics, she ensures all social media campaigns are run with thorough testing to guarantee the most effective implementation.  Your campaign is enhanced by Rebecca’s dedication to staying abreast of the  latest technology available in the digital world. Rebecca’s broad and varied IT background has seen her live and breathe many aspects of high-scale IT projects over the past 19 years. Rebecca thrives on a new challenge and  is constantly looking for IT innovations to utilise as tools for solving many technical challenges met when undertaking a complex digital campaign on behalf of health professional clients. Having spent many years researching and understanding the constantly evolving world of digital technology – including how it impacts a business’s exposure via social media platforms – Rebecca remains directly involved in all social media campaigns undertaken by Digiseed to ensure your efforts best utilise the technology available. In addition, Rebecca has a strong statistics and research background and she personally ensures your social media bid is subjected to thorough and in-depth analysis.  Your campaign outcomes are under constant review and analysis by Rebecca and her team to ensure every action taken by Digiseed is a strategy based on facts, figures and observation

Alan Wolman – Director of IT, Strategy and Marketing

Alan is our geek in residence. With a passion for technology, Alan is always in search of technologies and techniques we can leverage to maximise returns from our customer’s marketing investment.

Alan has had a wide range of experience managing the development and implementation of websites and marketing automation systems across a broad range of industries including Entertainment, Energy, Engineering, FMCG, Media, Mining and Logistics – for some of Australia’s leading brands including Tabcorp; Echo Entertainment; Coates Hire; and Optus.

Together with Rebecca, he started Digiseed as he saw a need to provide small-to-medium businesses with the same calibre of consultancy commonly reserved for larger firms.


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