About Rebecca Wolman

My name is Rebecca Wolman – I am the director of Digiseed


I am a qualified IT professional with a degree in Commerce and Business Systems where I majored in Econometrics. Whilst all of my experience and qualifications allow me to excel in the area of digital marketing, it is my statistical background that really differentiates me from a lot of other digital marketers. Every campaign I undertake is thoroughly analysed to ensure it is hitting targets and make any adjustments where it isn’t.


I have been working in IT for over 20 years spanning across many industries – finance, management consulting, energy sector, medical practices and allied health professionals.


I am a specialist in the areas of strategy, creative marketing plans and quality control, ensuring campaigns are always innovative and delivered to a high standard.


My experiences in IT projects covers software development, testing, implementation and digital marketing across a number of industries and platforms. All the work I do has a strong focus on analytics and I am always looking for ways to improve any project through research, analysis and problem solving.