Why Digiseed? What makes our digital marketing agency special?


At Digiseed we are experts in Digital Marketing. We have been in the IT game even before the internet was around! What excites us so much in this space is the fact that it is always changing. New opportunities for marketing and business growth are presented from the big players – Google, Facebook, Twitter etc at such a rapid pace, not to mention all the new exciting platforms being invented, that it really takes an expert to make the best use out of it and ensure you are not missing out.

This is our passion and what we live and breathe every day!

Digiseed uses digital marketing to take small to medium business internet marketing to the next level. Digital advertising allows you to present your services and products to your ideal audiences. You can target down to a very specific cross section of users – age, sex, location, likes and dislikes, demographics etc. 

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is using technology such as the internet to promote a brand to a targeted audience. It utilises data analysis to determine the best approach for each customer. This data analysis allows people to get real time results for every campaign they run – how many people looked at their website, what they did when they got there, how many people took up their offer etc.

Support, Guidance and Strategy

We enrich businesses by combining our unique blend of strategy, creativity, media and technology expertise. Through our guidance and support we enable businesses of any size to thrive in the ever changing digital world.

Develop your brand online

A key focus of our strategy is helping our client to develop and grow their brand. This could involve website development and updating, social media marketing, email marketing, and content management all planned to ensure your key messaging is promoted to your target audience.

Analysis is key

Given our passion for numbers and analysis, we test, retest and analyse every activity we do. Platforms, algorithms, rules all change so frequently that it is important to always be on top of your results to allow you to make changes as soon as necessary.

Full service Digital Marketing Agency

At Digiseed we are all experts in information technology, commerce, and analysis. We are able to create and update your websites or landing pages, create highly targeted ads through social media and adwords, create interesting and well presented emails and flyers and much more!

Digiseed Do Digital Marketing Differently

Being a boutique agency allows us to have a personal input in every campaign we run. We only work with clients we feel we will be able to deliver the best results for. We would never take on clients who are competing against one another so you can be assured we strive for excellence for each and every client we work for. All the work we do is tailored specifically for your business, never cookie cutter.