Most Common Social Media Myths

Most Common Social Media Myths

  1. Social Media Marketing is an easy way to make money

Social media marketing can work amazingly for your brand and while it can be a cheaper and faster way of getting results than some traditional methods of marketing it doesn’t work like magic. The psychology behind a social media campaign and what makes someone ultimately buy from you is the same no matter what platform you are using. People want to know, like and trust you before they will spend money with you.

When you decide to start a advertising campaign on social media, you need to thinking of the purpose, the goal and planning long term.

For example, if you have an important event coming in the next month, don’t expect big results from social media if you haven’t built an online community yet.

2. You need to have presence on every social media platform.

This is definitely not true. Most people think that the most platforms they have presence on the better, right? FALSE.

Before starting your social media efforts, you should think where your audience is, where do your ideal clients spend more time?

Remember that social media is a bridge to build relationships with your ideal client and if they’re not even there, why would you put any effort on trying to do it?

Use as many platforms as you can manage effectively. If it’s getting too hard for you to create so much content is better if you limit yourself to just a few ones.

3. You can use the same post on all social media platforms.

Each social media platform is different: there are different users, requirements and focuses. You should spend some time understanding the differences in order to create a more engaging community.

For example, on Instagram beautiful photos with amazing graphics might do better than on Facebook where you can use more engaging videos.

4. The most important thing is to have a big amount of followers.

This happens VERY often. Brands and businesses will judge their social media success based on the number of followers and connections, however, this does not directly affect the success of your strategy.

You can have a small number of followers and still have great engagement, a loyal community and more sales for your business. Just make sure you’re providing something valuable to your online community.

5. You will see big results in 1 or 2 months.

Again, building a social media presence takes time and consistency and this is not built in 30 or 60 days.

Normally it’ll take around 6 or 12 months before you can see consistent results. You can also boost this with paid campaigns on the different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But don’t forget you’ll also need community management and content marketing to make sure you’re managing the accounts at their best.

6. You can sell your products by constangtly pitching on social media.

Many businesses pitch their services or products on social media and expect people to listen, care and purchase. The reality is, you should treat your community better.

This means, you have to study their needs, challenges and create educational content that can help them to become successful with those challenges and do this consistently.

In my experience the ideal content is a mix between inspirational, entertaining and educational. And once you’ve engage your community via social media you can move them further towards a sale.

In conclusion, it’s better to have realistic expectations when you’re working with social media marketing to make sure they can actually meet your requirements.

Unrealistic expectations can actually damage your brand by creating the wrong impression of your business to your audience.

If you want to know how you can build a social media campaign that fits your business needs, reach out!