In the past two years we have seen augmented reality becoming part of our daily lives with games like ‘Pokémon Go’ or the animated filters on Snapchat. And just recently, Facebook announced they’ll be making ads on your News Feed more interactive by using AR technology.

This ad appears on News Feed just like any regular Facebook Ad but now it includes a “tap to try on” option. Just tap it and let your smartphone camera do the rest!

AR ads are creating a new game level for marketers and advertisers, who are turning to tools like these to make their ads more attractive for their markets.

Retailers are already trying AR for their products. Michael Kors is using this new feature, allowing their customers to try on different shades of sunglasses. Sephora too, is inviting users to try on their different lipstick colours.

You can also share the AR photo on Facebook and Instagram to save you the trouble of individually asking your friends what they think of your new look. Just create a poll and wait for the ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ come to you.

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality doesn’t require anyone to invest in expensive technology. AR is very interactive and engaging, which is great to draw users’ attention – exactly what you want when creating an ad to attract new business!

Do you think you could use AR for your company? It’s time to get creative and embrace those dog filters once again.