Don’t use Facebook! – sort of….

Don’t use Facebook! – sort of….

Facebook isn’t a great tool to use to reach your audience in the way it was in the past. Organic Facebook that is… Trying to reach out to new customers using free organic Facebook posts aren’t a great way to reach out to your audience and grow your business when used independently of a complete sales funnel.  However when you combine organic Facebook posts with Facebook ads it’s a very different story.  In fact Facebook ads are probably the best way to target your ideal clients and really start bringing attention to your business online.

Of course like everything else worthwhile in life it takes some time, some analysis and a small amount of money to get Facebook ads working optimally. But when it does the outcome is fantastic.

In the past month alone I have personally managed to grow my mailing list and sales by over 100% just by employing the techniques I will explain today!

Your ideal customer is most definitely out there on Facebook waiting to be found! Everyone’s ideal audience is different so you’ll need to think through your own goals and apply the tips below to your circumstances.

Things to get in place for a successful Facebook advertising campaign
Before you start spending money on Facebook ads, or any other online advertising for that matter, you need to have a few things in place. You need to think through the goals of the ads, what you hope people will do when they click on your ads, what are you trying to ultimately achieve.

The goal we’ll focus on for the purpose of this article is to collect email address’s from prospective clients

Step 1 in the process is to set up the page where you will send the ad clicker to – The Landing Page.

On the landing page have a way for people to signup and provide their email address. Usually the best way to do this is provide something as an incentive to sign up – maybe an ebook, free cheat sheet etc – you get the picture.
Step 2 is to set up your email program to capture new email addresses and add to a mailing list for future use.

Have the email program linked to your website so that when someone provides you with their email address to download their freebie their email address will get added to your mailing list for future newsletters etc

Step 3 setting up your ad in Facebook and deciding who your ideal audience will be that you will target with your ad
The amazing thing with Facebook ads is that you can pinpoint your perfect audience and target only them to see your ads in their news feeds. You can pinpoint people who like certain pages – eg/ If I’m creating an ad for my new book on teaching kids to read I would target people who like pages on Facebook on kids reading. By doing this you know the people seeing your ad have an interest in the topic you are trying to sell to them. This is a lot more valuable than a blank ad sent out to millions of people who may have no interest in you and you are wasting your marketing dollars on showing them an ad they are never going to click on.
So step 3 is using Facebook insights to find the audience interested in topics you are selling to.

Step 4 creating a number of ads with slightly different images, texts and targeted audiences to be able to test and analyse the best way to reach your audience
To make sure you are really targeting the right market, create a number of ads each targeting a slightly different audience. This way you will be able to compare at the end of a week which ad had the most clicks, and which ad and audience were most interested in your product and which audience were most likely to make a purchase. This is a trial and error process but the only way you can really get it right is to have data to compare.

It will take some time to set it all up well. But it’s really worth it!

Go on and have a go! Get started with some ads and watch the engagement on your site soar! As always if you need any help don’t hesitiate to email back or give me a call on 0409 660 360.

If you’ve already tried FB ads but are still struggling to make them work for you then I can help. I’m particularly good at knowing what converts the best and can help you make the most of the huge Facebook opportunity.