Facebook Boosting vs Ads. What’s the difference?

Facebook Boosting vs Ads. What’s the difference?

When it comes to Facebook advertising, a lot of people are still simply boosting a post and then sitting back and wondering why their ads aren’t really performing as they were hoping.

There is so much more to Facebook advertising than just a post boost.

A boosted post sends a post which you have already created on your site out to other people who might be interested in it based on who you’ve targeted it to go to. An ad on the other hand is created from scratch and can have a number of different goals – such as encouraging to Like a page, encourage traffic to a website, encourage engagement, and many more.

Facebook Ads when used correctly can help you boost your business, whether it is to generate more traffic to your website, increase your customer reach or promote your products and services, there are different types of Facebook Ads available to help you achieve your goals.

To figure out the best type of ad to suit your goal I have put together this guide to help you decide how best to attract your target audience using a number of the ad options. I have just covered a few here but as you can see there are plenty more and even within each of these there are so many different types of ads you can create. I will cover these in another blog post soon!


Brand Awareness

This ad is displayed on all placements and it is important that you pick the right image to achieve great performances and attract the right audience. This will include a “Like Page” button, calling for users to immediately like your page.


Get your brand out as wide as possible to try and get more likes for your Facebook page


These types of ads can be useful if you are looking to increase traffic to your website or landing page and potentially have users buy your products or sign up for a newsletter. These ads are served to an audience that are known to Facebook to be likely to click through to the website based on past behavior

Lead Generation

Lead ads are available on Desktop and Mobile, and are ideal for adding a form to your ad to collect information from people interested in your business. Users are able to fill in forms within the Facebook platform and this allows you to generate more leads.


Add in this category target an audience who are most likely to make a conversion based on based behavior. A conversion can be a sale, a contact form being filled out, time spent on a page or what ever you consider to be a sign of success. These conversion events are set up when the Facebook pixel is set up.

Next week I will cover some of the different ad types so you can get a feel for the range of opportunities you have to showcase your brand and products