Growing your business with Google Ads

Growing your business with Google Ads

Google, now 20 years old, is a corporate behemoth. Their search statistics show that they process more than 40,000 search queries a second, which comes to about 3.5 billion searches a day and 1.2 trillion searches a year – across the entire globe. Not only that, they have more information on more people than other company and high-end software that allows them to target the right people in the right place. If that’s not reason enough to use Google Ads to grow their business then we don’t know what is.


Here are 8 ways that Google Ads will help you grow your business.

Attract new customers

Google Ads has a unique algorithm allowing you to target people who are looking for your products. Gone are the days of the ‘spray and pray’ approach when you put an ad out and hoped to find the right audience. Google knows who is looking at what and will target them accordingly. This way, you not only grow your brand organically but can attract new customers who can then become repeat customers.


Instant results

Your ads can go public almost immediately after been approved, meaning searchers can click on your ad and make a purchase before your cup of coffee is ready. This is the time of instant gratification and instant sales, make it happen for your business.


Engage your audience when they are active  

If you are targeting an overseas audience you can create ads that reach the right people at the right time. When you use an SEO campaign with the aim to be on the first page of Google, this can take time and effort, especially when competing against bigger brands with larger budgets.

Google ads circumvent this, allowing for a level playing field no matter how small your business is or what your level of experience or expertise. You can ensure that your message gets out there and is seen, attracting people to your website. This can be for a specific product or service, special offers or promotions, or even a blog post that you have written to attract and convert customers.


Attract local customers

Location targeting is an effective way to target people in the area of your business, whether you are a plumber, restaurant or bottle store. Google Ads will only target people in your exact region, making sure your ads are seen by your target market. 


Distinct searches – know your keywords

Google Ads is known for their keyword approach to marketing. Google’s keywords tool will help you select the correct keywords for your campaign and Google Ads will help you target them accordingly.



When you first visit a website, Google notices and will then target you with ads relevant to the business, product or service that you were looking at. This is called retargeting. This allows you to target people who’ve visited your website even once they’ve they’ve left the site.


Mobile in real-time

When people go shopping, they often use Google to check out prices or reviews on products they are looking for. Google Ads can target these people while they are shopping in your area.


If you don’t measure you don’t know. Google Ads can tell exactly how many people have clicked on your ad, allowing you to see how effective they are and what your ROI is. This way you can adjust your online ad spend depending on how effective your ads are and test and tweak them until you hit that sweet spot.


Google Ads has helped millions of businesses around the world grow their brand and business. It is an effective and affordable method of maximizing your online marketing spend and increasing your bottom line.