How to Get Ranked Well on TripAdvisor

How to Get Ranked Well on TripAdvisor

Whilst the exact algorithm used to determine how well you will rank in TripAdvisor is kept secret, there are a few factors which have been seen to improve the chances of your business getting ranked well. They are:

1. The quantity of the reviews you have.  The number of reviews you have regardless of the quality or recency of them.

2. The quality of the reviews you have.  The higher the average rating you have the higher you will be ranked.

3. The recency of reviews in your profile.  Tripadvisor adds more weigh to more recent reviews than older reviews.

So, given these factors in mind, how can you go about increasing your ranking, and in turn draw more visitors to your business through trip advisor?

1. The most obvious one is provide an amazing experience! If people are happy they will be more inclined to make the effort to give you a good rating!

2. Make it easy for customers to provide reviews. One great way to encourage and remind visitors to leave reviews is to include a link to the site when sending out an email at the end of the trip, or provide a flyer at the end of the experience with details on how to leave a review.

3. When you receive a review, make sure you respond to reviews, whether they are positive or negative to show that you are actually reading them and care about what people have to say. This will also encourage others to leave feedback as they will feel they are being received.


Don’t forget – never offer to pay or provide compensation to someone for providing a review. This is against the TripAdvisor rules and may lead to your account being suspended if you were discovered to have been doing this. In a survey based by Webcredible, it was found that people often felt that reviews were as instrumental to their decision as much as price when making a purchase.  This shows that getting your reviews on TripAdvisor right can really grow your tourism business and get you found in the huge tourism market.