SEO – 5 Tips and Tricks to Help Your Website Rank Better for Searches

SEO – 5 Tips and Tricks to Help Your Website Rank Better for Searches

Whilst the rules behind how to achieve SEO has changed over the life time of search engines, the goal has always remained the same – those with the best knowledge and experience with these rankings receive the benefits of increased traffic and visibility. It is important to always be on top of the developments in this area, as by falling behind, so too will your website, and therefore your business.

We have put together 5 tips to improve the SEO of your site and get ranking well in searches.
1. Make sure the things that are key to your business are in HTML text, rather than in an image, Flash files, or Java applets. If you wish to use these other forms of information you should supplement them with alt text for images, or transcripts for video to allow the search engine to better understand what they are. Don’t forget – a search engine cant see like a human can! Some times it needs help to see what’s on a page.

2. Use a tool like to see what your search engine sees when looking at your site. You may be surprised! You can see all the wasted opportunities for keywords when you see how many of your images are probably badly named. Try and give every component a name which will add to your sites ability to pull potential clients in. For instance – if you have an image of a baby – rather than naming it image 1, label it paediatrian if that’s the keyword you wish to get ranked for.

3. Using relevant keywords you want to rank for.  A keyword is the word that a person using a search engine is using to find a particular service or product.  By entering a search into a search box and pressing enter the search engine then goes away, searches its databases of millions of pages it has crawled to retrieve back a list of the most relevant pages it can find in relation to that key word. The search engine then ranks its results based on what it perceives as the best match for that keyword.  To get your website’s paged optimised for these keywords is to make sure these words appear on the page in positions the search engine considers prominent. These prime positions are titles of a page, text of the page, and the meta data of the page.  However, search engines will penalise those sites which fill their pages with keywords in an attempt to ‘scam the system’. The best way to rank with keywords is to use them in a natural way.

4. Create original content – add value to your site by creating new ideas. New ideas helps improve your SEO from a search engine perspective as well as improves the chances that your content will get shared by your followers, which in turn increases your creditability.

5. Link Building – Finding reputable sites to link to your content increases its likelihood of being ranked as significant by Google. Google sees the fact that a respected website links to your site as a sign that your site must too be reputable and significant. There are many ways to get a link from another site to your site. These include guest blogging on a site significant in your field, leveraging relationships with those in complementary industries, simply asking a site to link to yours, creating great content that others simply want to link to organically by sharing, liking and talking about it.