Social over the summer?

Social over the summer?

It’s coming up to the end of the year and a lot of businesses are starting to slow down and get into holiday mode.

Whilst it’s a great time to be slowing down your hours at work, and spending more time with your family, it’s also a perfect time to up your social media!

Slow down mode and holidays are the time when people are more likely to be on their phones, scrolling through holiday snaps, checking out what their friends and family are up to. It’s the best time for you to be featuring online, showcasing what your business has to offer and get in front of a large audience. This is even more important if you sell retail products as we all know how much spending is happening over this time!

Don’t worry though! I’m not suggesting you spend all your valuable time online. If you start planning now you will have everything ready for the silly season in time to put your legs up and let your social media work for you while you’re relaxing!

Put together a plan

How many times per week are you posting? What sort of content works well with your audience? What have been the most engaging posts this year?

Put together a strategy which incorporates a good mix of inspiration, education, sales and depending on your brand you could also include some comedy or entertaining posts. By analysing what has worked well for your brand during the year with your audience you will be able to create engaging content your audience will love.

Schedule as much as you can

There are many tools, including a free scheduling tool in Facebook, which allows you to plan out and schedule the posts you want to run. Scheduling frees up your brain to not have to constantly think about what and when to post. Not to mention all the extra time you will have to relax.

Have notifications turned on

Whilst it would be great to just set and forget, don’t forget that social media still needs to stay social. Respond to your audience if they comment or engage with your posts and keep your accounts “real”. You will get notifications on your phone every time there is something that needs comments and engagement.

Behind the scenes

If it’s appropriate for your brand, include some personal ‘behind the scenes’ posts of what you are up to during the break. Remember to keep it real!

Posts some salesy content

Given the larger attentive audience during the holiday period you should create some posts around what you are offering whether it be retail or services. Don’t posts too many sales posts as it is people will tune out when they are being sold to but a few are fine and it is a great opportunity to get in front of people  

If you want some help or support over summer to keep your social not only running, but getting great results as well, we’d love to help you out!