Updates Versus Posts on LinkedIn

Updates Versus Posts on LinkedIn

When should you use an update vs a post on LinkedIn? The answer to that question depends on the size of what you want to add, the purpose of what you want to add, your over all content marketing strategy as well as personal preference. To help you decide I have put together a brief summary of an update and a post.

What is a LinkedIn Update?

The simplest way to add your thoughts, articles, comments etc is to post an update.  You add just text, an image or even a link to an article on another site.  An update is limited to a maximum of 600 characters.

What is a LinkedIn Post?

A post, or a “long form post” on LinkedIn, is the LinkedIn blog essentially. You can have excess of 600 characters, so are able to relay a large amount of information. The article is kept on your LinkedIn site, thus eliminating the need to have a separate blog on another website if you don’t want to have one.  Unlike with a link, readers won’t be naviagting away from your LinkedIn profile, but rather remain on the site where there is the opportunity for them to engage with the article and with others in your network.  Another great feature of posts is that they an be searched for from within LinkedIn as well as from search engines as each post has it’s own URL.

Like an update, a post can also contain hyperlinks and images.

Which ever way you decide to make your updates to your community the most important thing is updating! Sharing and adding value is a great way to grow your credibility within your industry