What is the new Instagram creator account and should you switch?

What is the new Instagram creator account and should you switch?

Early in 2019, Instagram introduced a new alternative to their users in addition to their Business profile, called the Instagram Creator Account. These accounts were introduced as a way to differentiate between influencers and traditional businesses. When deciding whether it is worth making the switch it is important to consider – what are the differences between the accounts, and will it benefit your business to make the switch.

Who is the creator account for?

When it first started it was only available for users with over 10,000 followers, as a way to separate business from influencers. With this new profile you can access special features based on the different needs that content creators have compared to business profiles. 

When you try to switch your account, the description of the creator profile says “Best for public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers”.

Whilst it was originally for accounts with large following, it is now available to anyone! 

What are the features of the creator account?

So the big question is: should you switch from business to creator account? Yes. But only if you you want access to:

  • Daily number of follows/unfollows, instead of the weekly count from a business account.
  • Demographics to look at who exactly the followers are. 
  • Access to the Instagram creator dashboard. This is the most exciting part. There’s a new ‘Creator Studio for Instagram’ to display all the insights in one place.
  • Organised messaging that will give you access to three different folders: primary (messages you want to be notified of), general (messages you don’t want to be notified of) and requests (messages from people you don’t follow).
  • You can choose the category that best describes what you do (actor, athlete, blogger, etc). You’re no longer limited to the description you have on your Facebook profile.
  • You can turn on and off the contact buttons to limit the amount of people who want to get in touch with you.

If you don’t have a third-party platform to manage your Instagram and get data, then switching to a creator account might help you to manage your account more easily. If you’re an individual with just one brand, the switch will be worth it to get more detailed analytics and a more flexible inbox. 

How to switch to and Instagram creator account

  1. Go on Settings (top right corner right at the bottom of the menu).
  2. Choose Account.
  3. If you have a personal account, select Switch to professional account. If you have a business account, select Switch to creator account
  4. Choose the category label that best describes what you do. Here you can also link to a Facebook Page if you want to, if you don’t, it’s ok, just Skip.
  5. Here you can choose whether or not you want the Contact button to appear on your profile.

Done! Now you can have access to all new Insights by clicking the icon at the top right of your profile. You can also tap on the Messages icon and you’ll see the new way your inbox is displayed. 

Do you think you’ll make the switch to a creator account?