Facebook ads that get results



Helping you attract your ideal audience to your website, down your sales funnel and increase your revenues

This course is aimed at people who want to be able to be in control of their digital marketing, looking to utilize Facebook advertising for their business, have either triedf it and failed previous, want a little bit more help, want to improve from the basics and want to know how to do Facebook ads right!


What I will be covering in this course:

-Digital Marketing 101

-What is a Sales Funnel and why do I need to have one

-Where does Facebook Ads fit in?

-What are the benefits of using Facebook Ads?

-Some tips on getting the best results

-What is a Facebook pixel and how can you use it to improve your ads?

-Facebook ad structure – what goes where when setting up your ads

-What to consider when you’re creating your ads – objectives, types of ads to appeal to your ideal audience

-Once things are going well, how to scale your ads to a larger budget and larger target audience

-Analytics – how to know if you’re doing a good job and how to improve


This course is a bit of theory so you understand why we’re doing what we’re doing and how it all fits together, but it is also practical. You can take the course as a step-by-step and follow along with your account in front of you and implement as we go. There are practical exercises included to make you think about how the theory applies to you, your business and your ideal audience and get you set up correctly to be able to implement what you learn time and time again.

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